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A Great Gift Idea for the Cyclist or Outdoorsman in your Life

What to give the guy or gal who has every gadget or gizmo? Give the gift of safety, and show them how much you care about them.

NOTE: This is not a paid endorsement. I just really like this product and want to share the idea.

Imagine this: Your friend or loved one is involved in an accident on the road or trail and isn’t carrying ID. A first-responder is called to the scene and is ready to help. How do they know if your friend has any medical conditions or allergies that would affect treatment? How will they know who to call to let them know your friend is OK or needs help?

In my family, we had a scare this year when one of our sons went off on an all-day hike and wasn’t in touch until after dark. We want the peace of mind that comes from knowing he could get rapid treatment – and we can be notified – if there’s an accident.

The product is called the ICE DOT Band, and it’s a slightly heavier version of the charity bracelets originally developed by LiveSTRONG.

It’s super simple. Each band has a unique ID that links to an online profile that you create. The profile includes who to contact in an emergency, pre-existing medical conditions, insurance info, allergies, etc. First responders can text the ID to a phone number and get back the necessary info. It’s kind of like the old “medic alert” bracelet for the digital age.

I like ICE DOT because they have a simple, easy-to-use system, and get this: It’s only $20 for the first year, $10 each year thereafter. And you can update your profile as often as you like. Additional safety/privacy feature (a hot button for me): the system also keeps a record of any phone number used to access your info.

I wear mine all the time, and now my son will, too!

Check it out at www.icedot.org.